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SAP WebIDE: GitHub connection doesn’t work anymore

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GitHub changed the naming conventions, so the first default branch is called „main“ or „origin/main“ instead of „master“ or „origin/master“. Two options how we could solve this issue: either we override the settings in the WebIDE or we change the default branch name in GitHub.


When you set your remote branch the WebIDE tries to send a pull request on the „origin/master“ branch by default. In the project settings you can override the default name of the origin branch for which the framework is searching:

Right click on your project –> Project –> Project Settings

You have to adapt the branch.master.merge settings:

refs/heads/master —> refs/heads/main

Git Repository –> branch.master.merge


Of course you can also adapt the default branch name in GitHub:

GitHub.com –> organization-settings –> Repository defaults –> default branch