CloudDNA Monitoring Suite

THE multi-tenant & multi-datacenter SAP CPI monitoring & alerting solution

Central CPI Monitoring

SAP Customers facilitating cloud solutions know the resource intensive process of monitoring multiple CPI tenants. With CloudDNA Monitoring Suite efficient CPI monitoring from a central solution across tenant and datacenter boundaries becomes reality.


There is no reason why you should actively monitor your CPI tenants if you can get an alert whenever an error occurs. If an iflow or a group of iflows runs into an error you instantly get alerted via SMS, Email or Push Notifications.

Attribut and Payload Search

You would like to search the message payload ? With CloudDNA Monitoring Suite your wishes become reality. No matter if you want to search for specific attributes or the whole payload. Facilitating our CPI Adapter you can store attributes or the whole payload of the message.

THE ONLY Monitoring Tool for Central CPI Monitoring

Based on our longstanding real life project experience we developed a monitoring solution meeting typical market requirements. Strategic Customers helped us identifying missing features in CPI Operations and architecting a state-of-the-art monitoring solution.

Central Monitoring

Central monitoring of multiple CPI tenants

Multi-cloud deployment

CloudDNA Monitoring Suite offers SAP Cloud Platform Neo, Cloud Foundry and even OnPremise deployment


CloudDNA Monitoring Suite enables monitoring of multiple CPI tenants – no matter if they are operated in the same datecenter or spread across multiple datacenters

Search Attributes

Search for specific attributes like a Customer ID or a Purchase Order number. The attributes are extracted from the iflow by our CPI adapter

Payload Search

Searching the payload of a message


Archiving messages and metadata in a combination of AWS S3, AWS Aurora and AWS DynamoDB


Get an aggregated overview on processed messages allowing you a precise planning of maintenance activities


Active notifications in case of an error via SMS, Email or Push Notifications


Whenever a problem occurs in CloudDNA Monitoring Suite you can directly create a support ticket out of the application

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