CloudDNA OData-Plugin

OData-Testing easy done via the SAP WebIDE!

From Developers – For Developers.

Test OData-Services

With the OData-Plugin you dont rely on external REST-Clients.  Because testing your OData-Services is now possible directly in the SAP WebIDE.

Furthermore the Data stays within the SAP-Context and does not go through any third-party software.

Simply activate the Plugin and jump right into it.


Easy Service selection

Use all Services that are provided via the Cloud Platform and the Destinations in your Subaccount.  These are accessible with the Plugin which enables easy testing.

Or just import an already in a project included Service and test this one instead of manualy searching for the right Service. This eradicates unnecessary search-expenditure.



Create – Read – Update – Delete – Query

The ODataPlugin enables testing of all ODataModel V2-Functions by default. Test by manually creating a request body or use dynamically created forms, file-uploaders and a big variety of value-helps tailored to each request.

Detailed Informations

Oversee your development.

The OData-Plugin enables insight into your sent requests, so you dont have to rely on the browsers development-console to test your service. The Plugin shows your all necessary request informations for each request.

The Service-Metadata-File is shown in an innovative way to show all entities and their correlations.

The only directly into the WebIDE integrated OData-Testing.

There are many good API-Tester on the market. But none is as tailored for testing OData-Services as the CloudDNA Odata-Plugin.

The goal of the Plugin is a better development experience and workflow.

Changing and creating Data can easily be acchived by using File-Uploader, Input-Forms and different intuitive little helpers that are provided by the plugin.

The OData-Plugin is from developers for developers.


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Stay in the Cloud

Your data stays int the WebIDE and gets transferred by the Cloud Platform. The data does not go through an external API-Tester.

One Unit

After activating the CloudDNA OData-Plugin it is directly integratet into the SAP WebIDE so you dont have to use different perspecives.

Easy Integration

Activate the Plugin with a simple click in the WebIDE.



Test all functions of the ODataModel for your service.


All informations regarding your request are easy accessible.


Gain insight on what happens wrong and when.