CloudDNA Fiori Maintenance Sytem

THE only maintenance app for your company’s Fiori Launchpad

Schedule maintenances

Our tool makes the unpossible possible!

You can start maintenance mode on your company’s Fiori Launchpad and also schedule und personalize maintenances in advance.

Manage accessibility

No matter whether individual users or a group of users in the form of roles – it is in your hands!

Based on data from your backend system assigning access rights is very simple. Distinguish between two predefined roles (administrator and tester) and decide when the user are able to access your Fiori Launchpad even if it is a undergoing a maintenance.


A unique style for every maintenance? Our tool makes it possible!

You can not only determine icon, title and description of a maintenance but also background image or even an image collection!


Integrated assistance

With a built-in help page users and administrator can interactively learn all the features and details of the CloudDNA Fiori Maintenance System.

Learning-Carousels, –Cards and –Videos should make you familiar with our tool and to answer your questions regarding functionalities in advance.

THE only maintenance app for the SAP Fiori Launchpad

After some discussions with customers we had an idea of creating a tool which allows company’s administrator to schedule maintenance. Why?

To create a flexible and dynamic tool for administrator, on the one hand, and to reduce ticket traffic, on the other. The creation of unnecessarily tickets can be avoided and the focus on important tickets can be raised.

Long-term planning

Plan maintenances in advance and keep an eye on all maintenances and related details

Background images

We are happy to help you transfer your company design to the maintenance app

Reduced ticket-traffic

Unnecessary ticket traffic can be avoided but more time can be spent on important messages


By managing the maintenance message you can make your maintenance app multilingual 


Integrated assistance

Users can access the integrated help page at any time


Whilst a maintenance whether testers can access the Fiori Launchpad can be adjusted at any time

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